About the Conference


       – How do first mover companies gain benefits from Smart Technologies?

       – How can RFID help retail compete with global web shops?

       – How do you ensure that RFID and IoT technologies are not used for violating people’s privacy or committing cybercrime?

       – How do companies create growth when we move towards the Smart Society?


Join us at the largest RFID conference in the Nordics, where we answer these questions – and many more!


Get a chance to meet visionary first mover companies and experts within the fields of RFID and Smart Identification – and get hands-on knowledge on how to utilize these technologies in your own products, services and businesses.


Learn what you can achieve with Smart Identification, and get all the input you need to get started!


Foremost it is a Networking opportunity;


Time: June 14, 2017, 08:00-17:00
Place: IT University in Copenhagen
Registration is open
Contact: Henrik@granau.net

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The Seminars & Workshops

RFID i Retail

Workshop (in Danish)   9:00 – 12:30

IoT/RFID Networking Seminar

Networking Seminar   9:00 – 12:30

IoT/RFID Security and Privacy workshop 

Technology Workshop   9:00 – 12:30

Work Smarter with Smart Technologies

International Seminar   13:30 – 17:00

The Agenda

The agenda may be subject to change

Lunch, Exhibition and Networking 12:30-13:30

Welcome and Introduction

Speaker: Henrik B. Granau

This is a chance to learn how the members of the RFID i Danmark network is sharing experiences with their use of IoT/RFID technologies.

Some of the members will present the network, the activities and the participants – which at the same time will provide an update on how RFID is doing in Denmark.

Speaker: Members of RFID i Danmark

We will get an update on how RFID is doing in Norway. Which Industries, application areas, technologies etc. is taking off, and which are behind.

Geir will also give us a “tour de force” of the most interesting RFID projects in Norway.

Speaker: Geir Vevle, ACT Logimark AS

In a selected case from Norway, we can learn how Flowtite Technology is using RFID technology in an unconventional way.

Amiantit is the world leading GRP pipe producer selling Flowtite pipes.

Flowtite Technology is a Norwegian R&D company researching better products for the Amiantit Group. Lloyd will share Flowtite's experiences with using RFID technology in their research and production.

Speaker: Lloyd Tjelle, IT Manager, Flowtite Technology

Learn how Horsens Fængselsmuseum by the use of RFID, is telling the story of the people who lived and worked in the facility.

On arrival, guests can choose from 10 authentic identities and get a personalized experience facilitated by RFID technology as they move around the premises.

The prison comes to life through new technologies, ambient and dramatic historic narratives, animations, lighting, sounds and analogue means, which give adults as well as children authentic and personal insights.

Speaker: Horsens Fængselsmuseum

Talk to the speakers, visit some of the Exhibitors in the Exhibition, talk to friends, make new friends ….

• Which trends watched in the field of technology?
• Which trends in general?
• New application areas for RFID?
• Anything else to share?

Geir attended for the 9th time what we perceive as the largest and most interesting annual RFID event this year – the RFID Journal Live 2017 in Phoenix May 9-11 – and he will update us on the highlights.

Speaker: Geir Vevle, ACT Logimark AS

We will get an update on how RFID is doing in Sweden. Which Industries, application areas, technologies etc. is taking off, and which are behind.

Lucas will also give us a “tour de force” of the most interesting RFID projects in Sweden.

Speaker: Lucas Åhlström

Do you want to know how you can double the quality of care at half of today's costs?

If so - please come and listen and we will tell you how to do IT!
If so - please visit us at the Exhibition (we will have a Booth) and we shall tell you how

Our experience is based on more than 10 EU projects and several implementations at the municipal level in Sweden and UK. We give you 6 concrete steps how to go from the analogue to the new digital world of e-health and care services based on individual needs..

Speakers: Björn Söderberg and Magnus Cederström

Short presentations on new cases we hope to be able to present in more detail next year.

Case-1: Exploiting the diversity between complementary niche vendors, so the customer will explore innovation and added value … / Michael Kørschen

Case-2: A project with an IoT system for a major US based fast food chain which includes RFID inventory/asset tracking .... / Sinan Ozmen

Speakers: Michael Kørschen and Sinan Ozmen

Students at the IT University are working with IoT/RFID in various projects.

We will get an introduction to some of the projects with an opportunity to learn more during the following long networking break.

Speaker: Sebastian Büttrich, IT University

Moderator: Sacha Mendes, GS1 Denmark

- Moods of Norway
- River Island
- Zara

Speaker: Sanne Schibsbye, Senior Projektleder, Teknologisk Institut

Muligheder og udfordringer
- Hvordan kan RFID bruges i butik
- Hvor mange penge kan du spare
- Hvilke udfordringer er der med RFID

Speaker: Jakob Falkenby, RFID-pioner og tidligere butiksejer

Talk to the speakers, visit some of the Exhibitors in the Exhibition, talk to friends, make new friends ….

- ComputerCity / Magasin
- Intelligente hylder
- ShoProtect
- Robotter

Speaker: Lasse Cederquist, Partner, 2Trace

Paneldebat: Stregkoder vs. RFID - Hvordan kommer du i gang?

Panelet består af:
- Jacob Falkenby (Pigernes Verden )
- Nikolai Klausen, WEAR / Dansk Erhverv
- Mads Kibsgaard (GS1 Denmark)
- Morten Pedersen (Teknologisk Institut)
- Finn Zoéga (Teknologisk Institut)
- Sanne Schibsbye (Teknologisk Institut)

30 min valgfri rådgivning. Her kan du få den ønskede session, du står og mangler inden for RFID med udgangspunkt i jeres virksomheds unikke situation.

- Opstart med RFID i butik
- Sanne Schibsbye (Teknologisk Institut)
- Nikolai Klausen, WEAR / Dansk Erhverv

- Logistik
- Finn Zoéga (Teknologisk Institut)
- Jacob Falkenby (Pigernes Verden)
- Mads Kibsgaard (GS1 Denmark)

- Teknologi
- Morten Pedersen (Teknologisk Institut)

Introduction to Workshop

Introduction to Expert presentations on standards and state-of-the-art regarding RFID Security and Privacy.

by InfinIT


Anders has more than 20 years of experience with automation, SCADA and industrial data collection processes.

Speaker: Anders Handberg, Siemens A/S

Throughout her career, Berit has been working with IT from different perspectives, always approaching it from a security and privacy angle. Berit has worked with this field as a software developer, a crypto engineer, a crypto analyst and in her PhD on cryptography. In her current job as security and privacy specialist at the Alexandra Institute Berit is mainly working with privacy and security from the perspective of the end-user.

Berit will give an insight into the user-centric aspects of security and privacy. What are the issues and concerns when RFID and IoT are used in the everyday life of people? What technical means and standards exist to address these issues in your solutions and products?

Speaker: Berit Naomi Skjernaa, Senior Security and Privacy Specialist, Alexandra Instituttet

Zara works as a Security Architect in the Alexandra Institute’s Security Lab and is currently working on screening security solutions and services for IoT and connected devices existing in the market.

Zara has a PhD in Computer Science from the Technical University of Denmark and is interested in security at large, including socio-technical attacks, all-round security of organizations, and cryptography.

With The Internet of Things a growing network of physical devices has given a number of new opportunities, but also an increased attack surface. As many of these devices collect and transmit potentially sensitive data, often involving cloud-based storage, security and privacy considerations are crucial.

Different IoT-specific security solutions are proposed by companies, adapting existing techniques to address some of the issues particular to IoT. In this talk, we will review these solutions and make recommendations on their usage.

Speaker: Zaruhi Aslanyan, Security Architect, Alexandra Instituttet

As Senior Director for Research and Development at Danfoss Peter C Andersen is responsible for project management and digital development at Danfoss Heating. He has been with Danfoss for 12 years and prior to that he has worked with development and management at Telenor and Energinet among others.

When developing then Danfoss Link Thermostats allowing customers to control the heating of their homes from their smartphones, Danfoss was not willing to take any chances or shortcuts in regard to securing the privacy of the customers. In this talk Peter will present the Danfoss Link Thermostats with focus on the considerations and work regarding security and privacy in this limited environment.

Speaker: Peter C. Andersen, Danfoss

Workshop and discussion on RFID Security and Privacy.

Moderator: Laura Lynggaard Nielsen, InfinIT
High-level introduction to Smart Technologies

What is it that “Smart Technologies” is changing? – What’s new? - what are “Smart Technologies” really?

We have used Information Technology for decades to improve processes to become more efficient – gaining higher productivity. Is “Smart Technologies” just old wines on new bottles? Or are we talking about a Paradigm shift?

Speaker: Henrik B. Granau, Chairman and Founder, RFID i Danmark

Learn how retailers can outperform their competition, elevate the customer experience and strengthen their operations to win in the new retail reality.

Zebra Technologies are front-runners in developing innovative solutions that provide retailers with visibility and actionable insight to their customers, inventory and other valued assets - from the point of sale to the distribution center and beyond.

Mark will share how Zebra solutions allow their customers to capitalize on three key technology megatrends - the IoT, mobility, and cloud computing - to create an Intelligent Enterprise.

Speaker: Mark Thomson, Retail and Hospitality Director, EMEA, Zebra Technologies

Smart Technologies can provide support for efficient store and omni-channel processes throughout the entire value-chain. You will learn how Fashion Retailers are achieving significant financial benefits, as well as providing a unique shopping experience across all channels for the retail customers.

Detego are very successful in using Smart Technologies with their SaaS based RFID software platform. Kim will share how Detego is providing a large number of fashion retailers predictive, real-time analysis and actionable insights into product range and customer behavior.

Speaker: Kim Berknov, Executive Chairman, Detego

Talk to the speakers, visit some of the Exhibitors in the Exhibition, talk to friends, make new friends ….

Communicating with “Things” is not new – AIM Global members have been doing this for decades using Automatic Identification and Data Capture.

The AIM Global organization has almost half a century of experience from working on unique identification and Automatic Information and Data Capture – “Smart Identification”.

AIM Denmark, the Danish chapter of AIM Global, will outline the importance of Smart Identification as an integral part of Internet of Things solutions.

Speaker: AIM Denmark

IoT has over the last couple of years gained significant importance – some would claim that it has been hyped - but now Private as well as Public Organizations are investing heavily in IoT based solutions.

Claus will share IBM’s views on Market Trends, experiences and the actual solutions, which are being implemented in Denmark and the Nordics.

IBM is a key Solutions Provider in helping companies to achieve benefits by using Smart Technologies in IoT Solutions. IBM is on a Global level investing 3 billion dollars over a 4 year period in IoT.

Speaker: Claus Klint, Director Internet of Things, IBM Danmark

When preparing for introducing Smart Technologies in your daily, things can get rather complicated.

As always with IT, Simplicity is key to Success.

HiQ, the leading developer of transformative digital innovation in Sweden, is dedicated to simplify everyday life trough digital innovative solutions.
Jerker Lindsten will share HiQ's vision and inspire us with an approach to go home and start improving our Businesses.

Speaker: Jerker Lindsten, CEO HiQ Gothenburg

Speaker: Henrik B. Granau

"Automatic Identification and Data Capture" trade show

Exhibits include:

The Exhibition

At the “Automatic Identification and Data Capture” trade show you can find RFID/Bluetooth/WiFi/….

– and you can find Readers/Scanners, Tags/SmartCards, Software, Solutions ……

The following exhibitors have already signed up for the exhibition:



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