Work Smarter with Smart Technologies

High level International Seminar (in English)


Smart Homes, Smart Cities, Smart Society ….. – Smart Production, Smart Logistics, Smart Shopping …..

Digitalization/Industri 4.0/Internet-of-Things/Big Data/Cognitive Computing …..

As products and Services get digitalized the development is becoming exponential growth.
Management themes are “Innovate or die!” and “Disrupt or die!” and the only certain is that if you sit still you will be run over.

Listen to visionary first movers and learn from their experiences.
Smart Technologies includes Automatic Data Capture through Smart wireless Identification and Sensing, providing detailed knowledge of every corner of your business in real time.
With Smart identification technologies we can add intelligence to the product –  turning it into a “Smart Product” – and we can add new digital services.

The Products can collect and report data regarding the usage and maintenance of the product back to the Manufacturer, as well as moving security requirements and efficient use of the Product out in the Product itself.

The automatic data capture feeding a stronger analysis, which like ’Big Data’ with an enhanced focus on Business Intelligence will act as an accelerator for Business Innovation.

Hence, we are not any longer just talking about Smart Products, but also Smart Cities, Smart Society etc. – enhanced digitalization!

Bridging the new Business Opportunities with actual knowledge and experience with Smart Technologies is the main objective of the Seminar.

You will have the opportunity to listen to both national as well as international presentations from companies’ results and experiences on how they are using the Smart Technologies to optimize processes and create financial results in their particular company.